Highest you've ever got off only weed?

This happened when I was in High School, and it was been one of my very first times smoking.

It’s lunch time and me and a couple friends decide to hang out at a friend’s apt. We get there, and out comes the weed. We smoke, I cough my lungs out and then we proceed to head back to school.

Probably half way back I start to really fucking feel it. Now, I’ve never had this sensation ever since, but as I was walking, it felt like I had on those flippers divers wear.


We initially jumped a fence as a shortcut to get to my buddy’s apartment, but I honestly was so high that fence might as well have been 100 feet tall. I said I can’t jump it so we go around.

This is where it gets worse, at the beginning of class, we had “accelerated reading” where we would spend the first 10-15 mins reading a book.

I was so high I spent the entire time thinking if I “looked high” and I tried my best not to look high, fake reading a book. The paranoia was off the charts. Everyone reading and quiet and me here high as fucking fuck. It got to the point where I was close to going to the nurse, but I held it together and didn’t. I wouldn’t have been able to live that down if I did.