Highlight Business Member Names

The current light gray text makes the Business members very difficult to distinguish... I can barely see it. Whereas the red and green names still pop, I feel like regular blue and mudnames actually have more presence and visibility than my business name.

Maybe a darker shade of gray + bolding? Something to make it pop more would definitely make me happy. Right now, I feel like it's almost invisible.

more bolder

I totally agree as well - it's LESS noticeable.

Also, I can't post on any pro threads even though this is a paid membership and haven't been able to get an answer on when that will be fixed.

Thanks Gabe :-)

The post issue will be looked at too, shortly!

Thanks, Kirik!!! :)

It's much better. I still wish it popped as much as on the old site, though :) But I understand that you have a lot of things on your plate. Thanks for the response!

 I am very close to upgrading to business member status, but as mentioned the business member names don't stick out very much at all.  Even with the bold.  Is there anyway we can get the business accounts to stand out even more as far as the usernames go.

Girljock - 

 I dont' notice the business names nearly as much as I did on the old site

Yeah...once this is fixed...I'll upgrade to business status.

 How's the progress going on this?  I'd like to upgrade but only when the business names are more noticable.

 I know they have a bunch of diff looks to try out.

 ttt for a better look...waiting to upgrade.