Highlight reel of little MMA kid -from Ricksons?

anyone? shows him doing wrestling, bjj, and MMA?

^love that calf sliver

hope he doesnt get injured or burn out before going pro!

how old is the kid? looks about 10?

^^^ i beleive he's 15 now,, there doing a 14 minute piece on espn about him saturday morning at 8.30.

wow... and yeah he looked about 10-12 in most of the footage.

the first video is 10 to 11 the second video was 12 to early 13 & the mma cribs was shot at 13 heres a video of him at 7 to 9.

Heres a cool vid of him in Brazil

 seems kind of cocky....

marcovia -  seems kind of cocky....

defianetly not the kid is humble ask anyone who knows him they will tell you the same thing.

 cool must have just been the cribs vibe!  glad to hear he has a good head!

wow... they taught him well,, and he soaked it in like a thirsty sponge

"""cool must have just been the cribs vibe!"""

everyone always stereo types Drake so it was made as kinda a joke playoing off the stereotypes.

damn hed beat my ass for sure lol

If he strength/weight-trains at such a young age, can't he possibly stunt his growth?

btw he has trained & competed under Rickson but his full time coaches are listed in the first video, also Drakes father Kirk Dudley was Marcus Hicks manager for a long time so you can see how well rounded Marcus is also.

marcovia -  seems kind of cocky....


yes deavis .... i do believe u can stunt a kids growth if lifting heavy weights .... we know many kids drakes age that are lifting some serious poundage >>>> look at ur local football and wrestling teams ... you will not beleive what alot of those kids are lifting ..... the fuctional strength that drake is doing >>> tires , rope, sledge hammer , ball with water , wheel barrel runs , pushing sled ..... thats not so different from how a farm boy works , bailing hay and lifting farm equipment .

drake is 14 ... wont be 15 til 09 .... the show on espn is OUTSIDE THE LINES .... july 20th am

thanx b dog7 for putting these vids on ... and making them !