HIGHLIGHTS and the music

I like that highlight clip of Wanderlei Silva set to the Nirvana song "In Bloom", about a guy who likes their songs but at the same time loves violence, which they were completely against. Great, very appropriate music for a vid of Silva beating the shit out of people.

Same thing for this one of Kazushi Sakuraba. "It's a Beautiful Day" was sooo going through my mind when he broke Royce Gracie's femur after battling him for 90 minutes

I think happy alternative rock songs are perfect for MMA fights!

-Jake Shields: ROTR World Champion

so how are you gonna celebrate jake?

disney land?

congrats by the way

Hole some Hawaiian broads

mick b definately has the best songs. Im about to drop a highlight soon, and I have the perfect song chosen. Just wait dudes, youll see.

If I wasnt starring at a check for 30k right now those mean comments would have offended me

"hole some hawaiian broads"

LOL...thats OMA(tm) talk

either way, enjoy yourself, 2 tough fights, say you deserve it

my point exactly CBB

that sentence sounded exactly like something OMA would say

that was my point

TTT for U2 being "alt rock."

But, yeah, it was a perfect fit for a Sak HL and anything is better than that fucking horsecrap metal they use for N.American MMA shit.

What song would you like to have for your HL, Shields?


I would choose something boring, the kind of song that just takes dudes down and lays and then prays for a judges dec.


celine dion ...imo


love me tender by elvis presley IMO

LAYLA...Layla, you got me on my knees...layla

Hey Jake, this is Dan, the Fightsport writer who used to train with you at Fairtex. Wanted to drop a line to say "Well done" and congratulations!

Thanks Dan! Good to hear from you again



You know that you can lean on me
No matter the situation
Boy, I'm gon' hold you down




But it hurt so bad
A love tap
It made me sad
She said it was a love tap
And I wonder why
A love tap
It made me cry

enter sandman