Hiking Boots: need recs for an all-arounder

been hiking in a pair of Irish Setters by Red Wing for 14 years. been replacing insoles but the boot soles are now toast. time for a new pair. was probably time 10 years ago.

looking at the INOV8 Roclite G 345 GTX based on online ratings, weight, cost, and reviews.

i do mostly day hikes of less than 10 miles with a few over, maybe 15 miles, and up to easy class 4 routes but usually class 2s. some limited back packing, usually just 2 or 3 day trips with 10/miles a day tops once a year or so.

budget < $200

Would you consider trail shoes instead of boots?

whatchu got? maybe a mid top. seems like every time i hike in cross trainers i roll an ankle.

Therr are some mids here

This is the 1 i use. Bought 10 pairs of the old model a couple years ago bc i love it

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I bought a nice pair of Keens for our Moab/Colorado vacation this summer. They worked out well for me in the Utah heat and Colorado mountains.

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Danner make great hiking boots.


10 pair? that’s quite an endorsement.

i’m a fan of salomon and have been a faithful user of their ski boots for 20 years. but i’ve never owned a pair of their shoes or boots. i considered it, but moved inova8 up due to cost and weight. these aren’t that much more.

Im a bit anal about products i find are perfect for Me

I fear theyll stop making them and ill never be able to find another shoe that would meet all my criteria

They did end up discontinuing this old model but i tried the newer version (XA pro 3d V8) and they are awesome as well

Oh well. I just broke out pair # 4 of 10 the other day. I use these as everyday wears as well , when not at work

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Another vote for Salomon, suggesting the Quest 4GTX.

One of my favourite things about them is that they fit my wide foot, which some boots do not.

Great boots.

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looking heavily at the ultra3 mid gtx. don’t really need a full backpacking boot and the quest 4gtx are almost 2x as heavy and 33% more $. going to try them both on though.

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Salomon all day my friend.


I am on my 5th pair of them. I highly recommend.

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I like altra lone peak trail shoe.

You might be able to find a pair of Danner cragrats for that, Id go that way.

Love my Merrill’s. My wife loves her Merrill’s trail shoe. Comfy, durable and sturdy

Salons are out. They are REALLY narrow.

I have been wearing Merrell Yakota’s for years in the kitchen and my feet and legs never hurt. ever. my ankles and achilles are also screwed, still no pain.

I swear by them.

Step your game up bigot

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