Hiking Boots: need recs for an all-arounder

I have hiked in Salomon’s all around Mt Rainier and the North Cascade mountains, also Germany and Switzerland. Can say nothing but the absolute best things about them.

These look amazing. Which model? Are they water proof? How’s the sizing?

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I’ve been using hoka one one sky toa waterproof for a couple years now and added thick heat moldable insoles so they’re super comfy. Not cheap though. The insoles alone are 50 bux. If I was to buy another pair I’d get the speedgoat boot since there’s less exposed foam on the sole.

I also have a pair of new balance fresh foam hierro. They have a mega grip sole and come in wide widths and a gtx version but prefer the ankle support of the boots and would only use them for shorter hikes. Also not nearly as plush as the hokas.

I only do day hikes but am doing 15-20 mile hikes in very rocky terrain.

I don’t expect any of these shoes to last more than 3 years though. The Hokas have made it through 2 seasons already but shoes aren’t made that durable anymore I’d say.

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The Salomon quest 4d are good but are like walking in a cast.
I find stiffer soles with hard midsoles and thick hard rubber outsoles, coupled with rigid heel counters, like the quest has, do a poor job at absorbing and conforming to roots and rocks.
As a result they can get unstable despite how supportive they feel.
You get deflected off things.
I twisted my ankle in quest 3ds and it felt like the times i used to twist my ankle in Nike shox. Its like falling off a platform and the heel counter stabs you rather than slow you down.

I like wearing Hoka boots… Even tho their waterproofing and durability is laughable.
I get nice width, cushioning, mobility and dont get deflected.

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I need both of these… Especially the bottom pair

tried the salomons on tonight. the standard width were way too narrow (and i don’t have wide feet). going to see if i can’t find a pair of wides somewhere tomorrow. picked up a pair of oboz from REI to fall back on. if they don’t work at least REI will take them back.

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My hokas were event and definitely not actually waterproof but the updated ones are gore tex.

Sounds like you might be able to get by with a pair of Crocs in sport mode with this kind of lightweight hiking.

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I usually end up wearing ankle braces and trail runners for most hikes.
Im not out for long periods with heavy packs tho.

I have been using the Saucony peregrine 10 and the exodus 11 and have been really impressed with the traction pattern and rubber compound.
They stick to almost everything.

Are ankle braces legit? Have heard only faggots wear them.

They are pretty gay.
But hopping around on crutches is extremely gay

I meant, do they actually work? Have heard they’re not very helpful. Bullshit?

Mine dont stop a roll
I mostly wear them as a reminder to pay attention and for a little stability.

I should wear more rigid shit with better protection but they tend to stab you, give you blisters and take forever to put on

When i lived in Utah (my home, I now live in Wuhan, China) I usually wore Altra Lone Peaks for all of my trail running. I did “Lone Peak” in Lone Peaks… I still only wear Altra shoes (or barefoot) for all of my road and trail running,

Edit… I would advocate using minimalist type shoes to build your overall strength and dexterity for physical activities, running… Just my opinion, i am sure many will argue (maybe with good points) in another direction.

How are things in Wuhan?

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Wuhan life is pretty normal, everything is open and life goes on…

Its hot and humid here (reminds me of when I was stationed in Louisville) and I miss mountains. Lots of rivers and lakes

You should do an AMA.

AMA ??

same here

i dont consider my feet wide, but they do splay out a bit and are gangly so I wear the wide fit
esp with non boot trail brands