Hiking Boots: need recs for an all-arounder

This was going to be my suggestion - go into REI and try on different pairs.

I needed a new pair of hiking boots as well a couple years back. The internet (especially Amazon) raved about Salomons. Tried them on and they just didn’t work for me at all.

Went with a pair of Oboz also (a brand I’d never even heard of), and have been super happy with them.

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Thanks for the validation. I was sure they were the ones for me after doing some research. They were really nice, they just didn’t fit. Going to the big rei store downtown tomorrow to see if they have some wides and if they work. Otherwise the oboz aren’t bad. Actually, the REI co-op Flash felt really comfortable and were the cheapest ones I tried on they were almost too comfy. Like really cushy. Felt like they could turn into a hot mess if the insoles got wet. And the ankle support felt flimsy.

Looked at the la sportiva but they were really narrow too.

Yeah you really have to try them on and actually walk around in them a bit. Based on internet research I was 99% sold on Salomons as well, even had a buddy who raved about them. Glad I went in to try them on instead of ordering off Amazon.

I really like the outsole/bottom of the Oboz. Really great grip on uneven terrain.

Have you tried losing weight?



Super comfortable right out of the box.

true. they were nice. they’re super expensive too.

I’m not a big fan of gortex boots. All of the ones i’ve ever owned were not waterproof. My feet get soaked just walking through wet grass while hunting. I’ve had some UA bozemans for the last 5 years and they are very comfortable but not what I would call waterproof.

My cousin has some leather danners and they are waterproof. Nice thing with leather is you can waterproof them with hubbards shoe grease or similar.

I have these on my amazon wish list. Gonna poke around a bit more but these are cheap enough I only need a few seasons from them.

the ones i had happened to not be waterproof or even “resistant”
and they also made myu feet sweat way more

For what?

I had the GTX about 10 years ago…it was a very well made shoe that was super comfortable and the waterproofness was awesome. I hiked in them and used them while I work at a ski resort. My only knock was the tread wore out way before the upper did. I sold them for like $80…used. It’s why I like the Norwegian welt/resole able boots. There’s a few outfits resoling the glued on soles but last I checked they’re limited with the type of tread you can get.

Great info. Thank you!

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I had the Solomon Quest 3 gtx for the last 350 miles. I really liked them. Recently I got the Hoka One One Anacappas and they blow the Quest away in every way. I can’t believe a hiking boot can be this comfortable. They are a bit of a hybrid so they aren’t as heavy duty. If you need protection from a lot of rocks or if you go off trail a lot they may be a little light. A buddy likes to tie his boots really tight and he says he can feel the laces through the tongue. I don’t lace up that tight and I love them. My choice for walking around the yard or whatever outdoor activity.

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Shoe wear

Oh, it’s not the sole. The top usually falls apart. I don’t expect that they would last more than a year just because I doubt they’re made for that, especially considering there is a focus on making them light or looking cool etc. My gf has merrells and the tops get completely trashed every time we go to the rockies, so they basically go from new to trashed in 2 weeks of hiking so my shoes lasting more than 1 year is already a huge improvement to her merrells. She really liked those merrells so we bought the same model for 3 consecutive trips and the tops fell apart every single time by the end of the trip. She finally went with Hokas this year and they survived.

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