Hilarious glow-stick explosion.

God damn it Jack!

The old man's pretty beat up about that beautiful shirt. Jeez Jack, think of the shirt! Phone Post 3.0

^ The sound is probably the best part.... But basically because his dad told him not to.

lol @ dad's concern over jack's beautiful shirt

Ding-a-ling! Phone Post 3.0

I wish more time was spent showing the "awesome" shirt. instead we just got a glimpse of it.

What an idiot. Wow.

Lol. Why didn't the dad wipe anything off? He just kept running around talking about Jack's beautiful shirt and yelling dingaling.

It's....... Beautiful!

Just majestic.

BrowBeater - Wow. My sound isn't working right now... Why the hell did he microwave it?? Phone Post 3.0
Why WOULDN'T he microwave it? Phone Post 3.0

HELP ME!!!!! walks in to table Phone Post 3.0

Sub so i can send this to people haha Phone Post 3.0

You ding-a-ling!

Was his shirt awesome? Phone Post 3.0

I love the reddit mod burns lol

Phone Post 3.0

Me thinks jack is slow.

Kid looks over the age of 13 and his dad had to tell him not to do it and he still did.

Dad seems like he is sick of his son doing stupid shit. Phone Post 3.0

CoughSyrupOD -

You ding-a-ling!

This will inevitably turn into a green arrow/vote up gif Phone Post 3.0

lol   ... kid sounded like Dale at the beginning


was he blinded?

Well... It looked bright as shit before it jizzed all over his face. Phone Post 3.0