Hillary wins Brasil Championship over weekend

 1st place in her brown belt weight division. 2nd place in the 16 person absolute division. Not sure but I think she took 2nd to the behemoth again in the absolutes.


 Please tell me she went against that giant black belt she is 1-1 against.


 Not positive but I think it's now 1 -  2  .


Doin work.

 Congratulations Killary!

wow,1 of americas best,congrats.it's been cool to follow u on your quest.

 Thats awesome

i won 3 matches the sao paulo state championship a few years ago...anyone that places in those tournaments is a stud...

Nice..Kirik, I think at some point you should just make a thread that says "hillary wins" and sticky it..Would pretty much be up to date at all times..



This is great. She is reaping the benefits of a lot of hard work and cross training.

 awesome ! congrats

Congrats Hillary!

wow, congrats

of course she won


That girl is special (not the needing to wear a helmet/drooling special...the other kind).