Hilton Video

I hate to beg (again), but wil someone PLEASE send it to me?


Got it. Ta

Can someone hit me with the Mimi and girl out of home and away ones?


someone hook me up with the paris one? bigD13B@yahoo.com.au

double post

Try this

Could i please have a copy of the Paris Hilton vid,anyone?thanks send to jamesslopsy@aol.com

BenBJJ and others

The easiest thing to do is download the P2P program Kazaa lite . The whole Kate Ritchie video is on there (29meg) or you can get it in sections of about 2 meg each .

Kazaa has all of those videos and much more , all for free and ready to download

check it out


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No-one on K-Lite has the Byrne vid, though. Nor on Overnet or WinMX. That's about the only one left for us, I think.

yeah your right . I really want to see the byrne one as well .

me me me


Who is Kate Richie?

Kate Richie is the a chick out of home and away (so they tell me) Sally i think.

She loves the anal bit or is it her b/f loves it? haha
But the way she is looking i'm not sure she would have remembered much the next day. :)

I downloaded the whole of the Kate ritchie video 29 meg , and the fucking thing wont play . Anyone have any suggestions i tried it on the normal windows media player and also realone ...no luck :(

What is the file extension?

avi video ....is that what you mean ?

kate-ritchie-full-movie all 9-clips 6mins-divx-192-144

thats the title , does the DIVX thing mean anything ?

Divx won't play in Windows Media Player. You'll need a - wait for it - DivX player. The best one I've found is called DivX Playa.

Unimaginative bunch, the people who named this stuff.

For the record, it should have a .avi extension.

For some reason that makes sense ;)

Thanks for your help