Himalayan Goji Juice

Anyone heard of this stuff? My chiropractor had some flyers up in his office and he was telling me about it, he's not a wacko either. I looked for some info online and obviously there are disputed theories. Anyone ever use it/know anything about it?


Expensive fruit juice, nothing more. The one study that exists studying its efficacy at, well, anything, is in chinese and all you can get is the abstract. It appears that it worked (doubled regression of cancer when combined with standard treatment), but the study was small and since we can't examine its methodology, we can't tell how useful the data is.

There's 5000 websites selling the stuff, making hyperbolic claims about how it's a miracle cure, how ancient healers used it, and all kinds of other meaningless crap. These things never turn out to be useful.

Big scam that has been going around for about a year. steer clear

Amazing! A miracle cure!

/sarcasm - for the sarcastically impaired.

bs i seen a sepcial on it pure bs just oj or cranbarry juice not evan as good.

Acai is 20 times better.........and no I'm not a salesman for Sambazon(Acai suppliers).

Acai is in the same league as far as I'm concerned. It has the benefit of more popularity I guess, but that's about it.

"Acai is 20 times better..."

20 x 0 = 0