Hindu Push Question

How do you get back to the start position (head down, butt high in the air) when your head is up and your back is arched?

a) do you keep your arms STRAIGHT, and simultaneously lift your butt back in the air and bring your head back down


b) do you BEND at the elbows, bring your chest to the floor, THEN bring your butt back to the air, and your head down?

I've been doing "a", based on what I saw on Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning.

HOWEVER, I recently saw a Navy SEAL PT, and they did it according to "b."


I'm almost positive that it's not the correct way to do them, but I get more out of doing it the "b" method.

My triceps are pretty sore today, as well as my upper back, chest, and shoulders.

I can do 30-50 hindu push-ups according to "a" and not feel a thing.

To be technically correct with your descriptions:

A - this is what is most commonly referred to as a Hindu Pushup

B -- this is what is most commonly referred to as a Divebomber Pushup



thanks for the info. I prefer the divebombers to hindus.

Without fail, whenever I do the divebomber style I pinch something in my upper back and I'm stiff for days. Am I doing something wrong or does everybody get that?

I don't get them, but I'm sure it has something to do with your shoulder blades coming together during the movement. Maybe a previous injury that's being aggravated?

It's possible. Oh well, I just don't do stuff that hurts like that. Hope I hit those groups from another angle.