Hip Bump Sweep Question

say i am doing the hip bump sweep to my left, going up onto my left hand and cupping my opponent's right elbow with my right hand...

should i move my hips away from his hips by driving off of my right foot after i plant my right foot on the ground as i would if i were attempting a guillotine or a kimura? or is it better to keep my hips as close to his as possible. also, what angle should i sweep at? do i sweep directly to my left? somewhat back and to the left? other?


Regarding the movement of your hips, drive your hips into his
ribs. Your right hip should do most of the work. Additionally, you
should drive your opponent up and to your left, not straight back.
The drive should cause you to spin off of your left knee.

Roy Harris

thanks roy, but before i initiate the thrusting action of my hips, do i want to move my hips away from his or do i want to just sit up directly from the position my hips are already in with my guard closed. thanks a lot for your help.

When you first uncross your ankles, you do not need to move your
hips. Sit up directly into your opponent's body.

Roy Harris

thanks! that's the detail i was unsure about.