Hippo says “yoga is racist”

Yes, heart disease is racist and that’s a racist question and your name is racist.


Yoga Teacher? Ok, I’m just gonna address the elephant in the room…
(from the comment section)

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You just described Smiff to a t

i bet a bunch of the yoga “community” people wish this fat slob wasn’t representing their beloved Yoga
kind of like how DDP unfriended PassiveJay (likely) because he didn’t want people associating his DDP Yoga with him

I wish she would stay away from our pure, White, Aryan Yoga!!!


I struggle to keep up with this shit.

So diversity is strength yet cultural appropriation is bad and now includes even stretching and breathing because some Indian people came up with a programme before anyone else?

If I cook a curry does that make me literally Ghandi?

she is just doing CAPITALISM. I don’t see why all the HATE, I thought the OG CAPITALISTS would applaud such Cunning Capitalism?

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you churls cheer anytime TRUMPSTEIN was engaged in some nefarious scheme

Yoga…Martial Arts…Tarahumara FlipFlops…CAPITALISM Makes it All BETTER!

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There was a book that came out a few years ago, about the real history of Yoga. I didn’t read it but listened to a long interview with the author.

It comes as a surprise to most that what WE call “Yoga” is not much more than 100 years old and is a combination of Indian meditation & breathing, Indian wrestling exercises and British --yes British-- Military calisthenics routines that were introduced to India during the occupation.

Yoga --very much like many “traditional” martial arts-- is MUCH newer than most people realize.

The first yoga school in India was opened in 1918!

There is some degree of “misdirection” in the Yoga world -especially in the West-- that yoga is ancient. There are practices called “yoga” which are ancient, but they are NOT the yoga we know today with progressive stretching via asanas, breath-work & meditation. The word “yoga” has a lot of meanings.

Sort of like how most all styles of Kung-fu are said to trace their roots to the Shaolin temple, Yoga has some roots in ancient practices. But, again, just as with most kung fu styles, those roots are pretty faint.

Yoga is a product of the early 20th century.

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downward dog face

VERY interesting.

Like most others I assumed it was something that had been in place for centuries.

Interesting information here:

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Everything is racist, therefore nothing is racist

Good, I’m proud to be a racist sign me up for some Klan Yoga

Fuck me the smell once she takes this outfit off must be so pungent.