Hiring a fresh college grad

Would any of the OG employ a new grad, who was a self-employed accountant, lawyer, consultant or whatever? Would you think "he's just a kid"?

I wouldn't. don't want his learning curve to be at my expense.

On the upside they will work for less. However, expect to spend a good amount of time training them.

In my case, I'd rather have someone who doesn't have any preconceived ideas about how things should be done.

lol...I almost had to hire an insanely hot chick as my assistant, because she truly was the best qualified for the job. Lucky for me she took another position (cough) before I could hire her.

My gf would have shit. Blonde hair, big tits and a Russian accent. And she wore really tight clothes every time I interviewed her.

Depends on the position. I once had a two year project that required me to hire 25 newbie college grads. It was an experience!

The thing I learned is that, because I traveled all around the country, had a expense account, etc. they all wanted the same thing after just a few months. Their understanding of "the real" world and earning your position was foreign to them.

I would still hire a college grad newbie.

No, it's for the best.

That's what I tell myself, anyway.

"Would any of the OG employ a new grad"

Depends on the size of her tits.