Hiroku's ass......

Please Vince........never show that again. Especially when she is in motion.

Keep her covered!

me no likey, either.

lol, I'll have to watch the last hour, after the Jirov fight.

It had a bit of the cottage cheese, but I'd hit it!

Missed the whole thing, I should've known better than to waste that time slot on the Moorer Jirov fight. :(

it was gross!

pics!!!! wtf!!

pics!!!! wtf!!

I don't even know who she is, but let's see some pics please.

Was she in The Grudge?

I want to see her without makeup.

The Fuck?! Pics?!

TF? P!

Hell fuckin yeah she is!!!

WOW....she's a rottie!

So what's the deal with the ass? She's cute, how bad could it be?

i would do her , that makeup would never be the reason NOT to cuz most of the time it is coveriing the true beauty