Hironaka Top 10 now?

Last two wins have been over Ryan Schultz and now Charuto

He's good, although I don't think top 10. Top 15 for sure though.

No. Charuto hasn't been a top 10 fighter for a while now (year or so), and Schultz never was. Don't forget he also got wrecked by Aoki 5 months ago. That fight was pretty brutal.

Hironaka is very talented, but his two losses are BAD losses. He was knocked down 4 times en route to being TKO'd by a guy who otherwise has never won a pro fight. The only top 10 fighter he's fought in recent years is Aoki, who, like I said, wrecked him.

He did beat Diaz, which is a very good win.

Hironaka has potential, but he doesn't deserve a top 10 ranking yet.

agree w/ ryan, i do.

Very good assessment by Mr. G.

It's good to see Hironaka is improving since his loss to Aoki.He has improved his overall game.

his passing looked sweet as hell last night. charuto aint easy to pass and hironaka was slick.

thanks for the replies...

Who are some of Hironaka's training partners?

The only one I know of is Toshiyuki Wado, who had one MMA fight in Shooto back in 1995 (won by armbar) and I believe is now a BJJ black belt.

I think he trains with Akeomi Nitta too because Bungeling Bay and Academia Az are the same gym pretty much.

Aoki is the man!

Thanks for the replies. Can't wait to see the fight, he was actually able to pass Charuto's guard?