Hirota vS Masvidal


I vote yes.

 HELL yes.

I think Sengoku will do it too, because Hirota is confirmed to defend his belt on the first Sengoku Raiden Challenge (new name) on NYE, and I was thinking they would just take the most impressive LW performance from the last Sengoku show, which was definitely Jorge.

This would be an awesome fight.


I'm not opposed to having him fight fight Yokota again, but I think Masvidal earned a shot with his destruction of Kitaoka.

Would be a hell of a fun fight too

 Who wins...?

 I hope this fight gets made.

I lean towards Masvidal, but Hirota is no joke, hes as tough as they come and hits very hard.

I think they'll do Hirota/Yokota since it gives the champ a chance to avenge a defeat. Masvidal may be slightly more deserving of the shot but I doubt they'll give it to him.

Hirota via KO, Hirota has improved a lot since he lost to Yokota. Masvidal's style will be perfect for him

Latest FightMatrix rankings:

1. Penn
2. Aoki
3. Hirota
4. Sanchez
5. Alvarez
6. Maynard
7. Florian
8. Stevenson
9. Edgar
10. Masvidal

 Havent looked at them in about 6 months but fight matrix is still garbage I see.


 Hirota's style fits well for Masvidals in and out boxing. It would be amazing fight to end the year!