Historical Precedents for Wlad?

Who would be the historical precedents for a Wlad K.-- i.e., great skills but zero chin?

Seems like Willard doesn't qualify. He had Wlad's size and lack of chin, but didn't have any real boxing skills to speak of, did he?

Related question: can a good chin be acquired? or are you either born with one or not?

Willard fought Dempsey for 2 rounds after getting his orbital bone fractured and several teeth knocked out.

If he hand no chin, he would have been KTFO by Dempsey's first flurry. In the fight he picked himself off the canvas 7 times in the first round.

He retired when his broken ribs were in danger of puncturing his lungs.

So all the more reason not to compare him to Wlad, right? Who does make a good comparison for Wlad?

How about Lennox Lewis? He was HW champion until around 2004.

Or how about who cares?

"Historical Precedents for Wlad?"

The Titanic?

I think he just has bad fucking luck. He will never be able to dispel rumors about his bad chin (which I still don't believe) after this fight. If the loss was a result of a virus, then damn, what a shitty time to get sick. Winning this fight was so important for him after the Sanders loss. Damn. I hope he can come back.

He can and will come back. He should get a rematch with Brewster or fight the winner of Byrd/Golotta.

If he can't get one of those fights than he should fight the 3 sport superstar, Derrick Jefferson (from Detroit) again.

Gerry Cooney

Mike Weaver

Michael Moorer

He does have a bad chin. Forget the end of the fight, look at the first time Brewster connected in the 2nd or 3rd...wlad looked dazed.

Bad chin = cannot compete in HW's