History of MMA: Josh Barnett by @bobbyrazak

Happy Christmas to the underground I love this place its my home. This is a little gift from me @bobbyrazak and @streetmadeteam enjoy the extended blog. The actual movie is coming out march 2013 stay tuned.


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History Of MMA: Josh Barnett from Bobby Razak on Vimeo.


You are family. You're are like the cool crazy uncle.


3 cheers for MYRITES



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hahahah thanks D241


ttt for mma history

so excited for the film hope to do a screening in vegas soon.

JOSH BARNETT ...Superbrawl, early days MMA.....former UFC HW Champ......Pride Japan MMA Superstar career......Pro Wrestling Japan...entertaining well rounded heavyweight, one of top grappling /submissions of all time.

He should be fighting in UFC

Josh is a old school legend. Sinatra.


Barnett has had an unfinished yet impressive career. I like his attitude. Maybe not always right but he is going to do it his way. Thanks Bobby.

no prob MrChainBlueLightning wanted to show a part of him most peeps dont know


Kirik I have to make a pilgrimage to see you one day sir.


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Bobby Razak makes MMA porn and it is good!  Can't wait for the entire movie.

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Really cool. I live the Bas one too! Phone Post