History of ROSS Founder

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What about your bio? How did you find ROSS? Any experiences with other MAs before ROSS?

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I've always enjoy reading the histories and stories of founders of martial art systems. I know the histories of Morehei Ueshiba, Gichin Funakoshi, Jigoro Kano, Lee Jun Fan, Choi Hong Hi, Mestre Bimba, Yip Man, Sokaku Takeda etc.

But I don't know much about the Founder of ROSS. The reason why I'm curious is because ROSS is a very deep sophisticated system. The man must be a genius! I mean, I know that ROSS is the systemization of various Cossack and Slavic Martial Traditions using research in biomechanics, psychophysiology etc. Since when did the general start this sytemization? I hope I'm not asking too much. It's just I hope to be a skilled martial artist in the future. And ROSS makes the most sense. What age did the general started his martial art training? Any good stories of him. I've already seen the list of his teachers in the archives. I've heard that the general is incredibly skilled and I was thinking, before the ROSS system was developed it must have taken him a lot of hard work to look for reliable sources, do his research, compile his work and at the same time improve his martial skills. All this will be interesting for me to read. I could go on forever and but I'm starting to not make much sense.

I know that Scott is busy so no hurry. If I'm asking too much, just ignore my post or even delete it. I think I need sleep now...


Scott Sonnon's bio:

Started competitive football at age 9 and competitive wrestling at age 13

1989 Pa Qua Chang Kung fu with David Buffameyer, Airborne Ranger

1991 American SOMBO with Mark Densberger, 1972 Olympic Greco-Roman wrestler,
USA SOMBO Coach and 5X World SOMBO Silver Medalist

1992 US SOMBO National Championship 4th place (USSA, FIAS)

1993 World University Games SOMBO Silver medalist (USSA, FIAS)

1993 Combat SOMBO Black Belt Instructor of Millersville University SOMBO
School, Coach of Millersville University SOMBO Team

1993 USA SOMBO Team Coaching Staff - World SOMBO Championships (Montreal,
Canada); United States SOMBO Association (USSA)

1993 Co-created belt curriculum for Millersville University SOMBO School

1994 Capital Games Sambo Gold medalist (USSA, AAU)

1994 Pan-American Games Sambo Gold medalist (USSA, AAU)

1994 President of the American Association of Martial Arts (the association
recognized at the time directing Combat SOMBO in America by the USSA.)

1994 USA SOMBO Team Coaching Staff - World SOMBO Championships (Montreal,
Canada); (USSA, FIAS)

1995 Capital Games Sambo Gold medalist (USSA, AAU)

1995 Commissioned and created the belt ranking system for American SOMBO

1995 Opened Universal Sambo Academy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

1995 US Grand National SOMBO Championships Gold medalist (USSA, AAU)

1996 US National Sambo Championships Silver medalist (USSA, AAU)

1996 Received invitation of SAMBO-70 to be the first formal non-Russian
student of Russian Sambo

1996 Accepted invitation by the Russian Federation of Russian Martial Art to
be the first non-Russian to train in Russia in Russian Martial Art

1996 Sanctioned and established the American Annex to the Russian Federation
of Russian Martial Art (the first international annex ever)

1996 Founded the American Academy for Russian Martial Art and Combat Skill,
Inc. - the North American instructor training headquarters for Russian
Martial Art ROSS

1997 US National Sambo Championships Silver medalist (ASF, AAU)

1996 Russian Martial Art ROSS with Alexander Retuinskih, Master of Sport in
SAMBO and Judo, Honoured Coach of Russia, Founder of ROSS, Grandmaster of
Russian Martial Art

1998 Appointed Combat Sambo Chairman for the American Sambo Federation

1999 Elected Vice-president of the American Sambo Federation

1999 USA Police Sambo Coach - World Police Games (Kaunas, Lithuania)

1999 Awarded "Distinguished Master of Sport in Sambo" by the American
Amateur Sambo Federation

1999 Featured on the cover of WORLD OF MARTIAL ARTS Magazine, Special
Edition, "The Fighting Arts of Russia"

1999 Inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Master
Instructor of the Year

1999 Founded the USA Bayonet Fencing Team, appointed USA National Coach

1999 Appointed Combat Sambo Chairman to the International Combat Sambo
Commission for FIAS (International Amateur Sambo Federation)

1999 International Category Sambo Referee - FIAS

2000 Inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame for "Best
Martial Arts Video" ("Grappler's Toolbox")

2000 Designed and began Patent Pending for the Ultimate Grappling Shoes

2001 Featured in BLACK BELT Magazine in two consecutive issues (SEP, OCT)

2001 Inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Leadership
Award (for bringing Russian Martial Art ROSS to North America)

2001 Created Force-Responsive Subject-Control Systems, Inc. (Seattle,