History will be made on October 17-18th

 For the first time ever,
of the most prestigious BJJ and Submission Fighting tournaments
will be hosted together on the same weekend in Montreal Quebec Canada!
More details to come soon!



 Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu-jitsu


Are these more trials for the abu dhabi pro?

  MMA Expo to Feature Both Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu-jitsu and ACC Submission Fighting Regional Championships

August 28, 2009 – TORONTO - Mixed Martial Arts Expo announced today the signing of a joint

venture agreement that will see two of the world’s most prestigious submission grappling

tournaments held on site at MMA Expo events across Canada starting with MMA Expo Montreal on

October 17 and 18, 2009. This agreement also marks the first time ever that the Abu Dhabi Combat

Club No-Gi Submission Series and the Abu Dhabi Pro BJJ Series will be held on the same weekend

and in the same venue.

“Mixed Martial Arts Expo has a solid track record of delivering a unique and highly interactive combat

sports weekend that fans and competitors really enjoy and we are delighted to play host to these

two world-class events”, stated Gerald Chopik, President of MMA Expo. “When it comes to holding

the best submission tournaments on the planet there’s little doubt that over the past decade these

two tournaments have set the standard that all others aim to achieve in terms of organization and

quality of competition. In the submission grappling world, a division win at either of these

tournaments is tantamount to taking home Olympic Gold.”

Canada is becoming well-known for a growing and highly talented pool of submission grappling and

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors. “We would have been proud to stage either of the Abu Dhabi

tournaments at MMA Expo. To play host to both of these major events is very exciting for Canadian

competitors. This new series of Canadian Regional Championships for both Gi and No-Gi competitors

gives our fighters a real opportunity to compete on the world stage and we are proud that MMA

Expocan play a role in helping this happen.”

The Abu Dhabi Combat Club No-Gi Submission Series on Saturday, October 17will be managed by

ADCC North American East Coast Regional Tournament Director, Emilio Novoa. The Canadian

International BJJ Cup Abu Dhabi Pro on Sunday, October 18 will be managed by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Professor Fabio Holanda of Montreal. Among the prizes for the competition is an all expense paid trip

to attend the 2010 World Cup in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Hamilton-based retailer and e-tailer, Fight Planet, is the official sponsor of the both tournaments.

“When it comes to knowing what’s happening in the submission grappling community across North

America few people are more aware than Fight Planet owner Riccardo Ammendolia”, said Chopik.

“Fight Planet has been a premiere exhibitor at MMA Expo since day one and Ricardo played a key

role in bringing MMA Expo and the Abu Dhabi tournaments together. While many combative sport

businesses have come and gone over the past five years it’s been exciting to watch Riccardo build

Fight Planet to the point where it is now the Official Sponsor of this prestigious series.”

Professor Holanda also announced that the Emirates Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team and their worldrenowned

head coach Carlos Santos will be attending the event. “MMA Expo has been a successful

event since 2005 and we are delighted to stage this world-class tournament at the Montreal show”,

stated Holanda. “Competition will truly be world championship level and this event represents an

outstanding opportunity for the Canadian BJJ community to demonstrate their level of expertise.”

Individuals interested in competing in either tournament at MMA Expo Montreal will find more

information at www.MixedMartialArtsExpo.com

About MMA Expo:

Mixed Martial Arts Expo ~ the original MMA Fan Expo launched in 2005 ~ is a unique, high-energy,

interactive consumer show for people who love martial arts and the full contact sport of mixed

martial arts, the fastest growing sport in the world. The unique interactive model includes martial

arts tournaments and demonstrations, martial arts and business development seminars and a show

floor apparel, gear, fitness and nutrition-based exhibitors.

MMA Expo also gives combative sports fans and martial arts competitors the unique opportunity to

meet personally with some of the top professional fighters and MMA celebrities in the sport for

autographs and pictures. Approximately 10,000 fans, 300 exhibitors and 30 MMA celebrities have

attended MMA Expo Toronto events to date.

For exhibitor and tournament sponsorship information contact: Gerald Chopik, President, MMA Expo

~ gchopik@MixedMartialArtsExpo.com

About The Abu Dhabi Combat Club

The Abu Dhabi Combat Club and the ADCC World Submission Fighting Championships were the

creation of a UAE national Sheik Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the son of then U.A.E. leader Sheik

Zayed. ADCC Champions and top competitors are highly sought commodities for MMA events like

UFC, and PRIDE and K1 in Japan. The expansion of Submission Fighting, led by the huge success of

ADCC, has spawned amateur leagues around the World. With each year, the number of competitors

in these and other similar events has grown tremendously. ADCC Championships is and has always

been considered the pinnacle of the sport. The creation of one visionary, ADCC, now in its 9th

edition in 2009 has become the beacon of a new generation and a new sport that is gaining worldwide


All requests for more information about the tournaments themselves should be directed to:

 ADCC No-Gi Submission Series - emilionovoa@aol.com; www.adccregionals.com

 Abu Dhabi Pro Series - fabio_holanda@hotmail.com; www.fabioholanda.com










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Will the blue belts absolute divisions get to go to the abu dahbi pro? it says on the website there is only prizes for them.