Hit me up on Myspace

Hit me up on Myspace for all the details on any upcoming events in the Midwest.


Or here:



Why don't you hit me up? I bet you don't know all the info on my event this Saturday.

Logan, isnt your event in Minnesota?



Hell yeah!

Are you contending that Minnesota is not part of the Midwest? Because that may lead to the trading of paws.

Thanks for not having a banner of Ryan Jensen fucking me up.


is that a square cage?

Well, hell... why not go ahead and add me too.


Hell, I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon too.


Come join us on the tour for some good times.

jay mine got hacked n deleted. but new one is up. ill get at you @ maybe possibly some sponsors. Raff is fighting soon

Logan - I actually interviewed for my position at Grappling while covering an event in MN, so I will still cover events there for future reference. Although Im not sure if I would consider that the Midwest... :)

MOFuKA - Yes, we have a 20' x 20' x 8' square cage. Its pretty awesome...