Hit on girl at hotel, backfired

I do deliveries for doordash. Yeah I have drug and alcohol problems and inappropriate behavior that makes it hard to keep jobs! So I’m doing a delivery to some hotel with the instructions to meet the customer in the lobby. I go inside ready for anything, maybe this is a setup to be robbed, maybe I’ll have to throw down, you never know in these doordash streets.

The sweetest little angel you ever seen comes up to me for the pickup. She was wearing a mask but she had one of those slim athletic bodies BE BANGIN! I asked if she needed help carrying the food to her room but she declined and took off.

I hadnt yet marked the order as complete so I was still able to text her through the app and I sent that shes super cute and I’d love to show her around town. Well I get a text back from an absolute Karen who says they sent their 15 year old daughter down to pick up the order and if O keep texting them they’ll contact the police.

Cant blame me cause she was wearing a mask. I sent back that meme of the black guy biting his upper lip that means you checking out a fine ass and closed the order out lol. Anyone of you catch trouble like this in the mask era?


No. I’m not a retard.



Hope this is real life

I 100% believe this happened ha ha ha

This is way more creepy than bird watching.

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Lol, amazing if true

I do food delivery on the side. I can tell you that the customer is in the lobby maybe 5 percent of the time when you get there. You always have to call their lazy asses to come down. Therefore, leaning towards fake.

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Has to be a troll. Nobody is this creepy and stupid.

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New forum, new alt-trolls

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OP is primesith’s currently not high-as-a-kite & moderately decent grammar using twin?

Trust me, given my track record on trying to guess if the girl with the mask on is hot or not, she wasn’t hot!

Is this Matt Gaetz?

Unfair to label the mother texting you to fuck off a “Karen”

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You did not send a meme back, don’t lie OP.