Hitman 2 Help!

I just got Hitman 2 after reading good things about it on this board. Im on the 2nd stage "St. Petersburg". I think the copy of my game must be fucked up. Ive shot everyone in that room during different games of course, and it always says Ive killed the wrong guy. Ive shot the dude walking around the room. Ive shot the bald guy, Ive shot both the dudes sitting at the table. Ive tried the raw dog approach of just running up on them and always kill the wrong guy. Ive been stuck on this stage for two fucking days! What am I missing?

I love that level. Here's how I did that missions, after completing it the first time (this is a true story):

I kill two russian agents, and leave their bodies in the room next to the meeting room.

(The following took A LOT of tries before I succeeded):

I ran up to each guy in the room and butted them with my pistol, clocking my target FIRST.

Since I clocked him first, he WAKES UP first.

As he wakes up, I garrote him, and leave the room JUST AS THE OTHERS ARE WAKING UP.

I go into the room with the dead agents, and change into their clothes.

By the time the others awake, and run to get the guards, I've walked out of there dressed up as a russian agent, while the guards are looking for some "bald guy dressed in a suit."

It's the guy closest to the window sitting down if you are across the street. If you enter the room they're in, he is sitting in a chair on the right.

kill all the body guards.

the generals run around like crazy chickens.

get up close to each one and kill the one that matches the description of the guy you are looking for

its easy

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This confused the hell out of me the first time too. When you shoot someone with the sniper rifle, the bullet goes threw them and hits anyone behind them if they are close enough. You have to wait for the guy in the brown coat to lean back so he isn't behind the general before you shoot.

It is the guy sitting closest to the window. If you notice, the guy in the brown coat keeps leaning forward to say something. If you shoot then, you'll get him too and fail the mission.

That whole russian section is the BEST of the whole game. You have to snipe that dude, kill the guys in the park (several ways to do this!), the mansion mission, the tunnel mission. Excellent!

The russian stuff was good and Japan stuff sucked. Contracts is alot more into Chinese than Japanese though.