Hitman 2 vs Splinter Cell (PS2)

Which of these games is better on PS2?

I liked the stealth stuff in Manhunt, but the MSG2 stealth stuff was a little too much, which one of these games is better?

Splinter Cell is a great stealth game...lots of creeping around and cool gadgets....

Not as much stealth in Hitman 2 but I would have to say I like Hitman 2 alot better....I bought Hitman 2 and SPlinter Cell about the same time and I still play Hitman 2 and haven't played Splinter Cell in a long time...Splinter Cell is very linear, Hitman 2 is more open ended becasue you can complete the levels in so many different ways (lots of stealth or guns blazing etc...)

If you liked Manhunt Hitman 2 sounds like your game


I got it for both Xbox and PS2, and there is little difference between the two.

Splinter Cell for PS2 isn't nearly as good as the Xbox version.

I've played both a lot on the PC. Splinter Cell has great presentation and everything that goes with that.

The fact is though, Hitman fucking owns it. The big reason for this is its less linear and you have more interesting abilities and tools to help you complete your mission.

Splinter Cell is still good, but its basically the same every time. Walk into one room - avoid or shoot the guards - proceed to next room. From what I have heard, Manhunt is similar. Hitman dosn't follow this.

Also to whoever said there is less stealth in Hitman 2, IMO it really depends on how you want to play it. On the hardest difficulty, I think its balanced exceptionally well and going for an all out assault usually gets you wasted.

PS. the Japan levels in Hitman 2 are shit - but all the others are great.

The japan levels are terrible. This is correct.


i completely agree with you.....the Japan levels (except the first one) are garbage....that stupid tunnel one is sooooo lame....then trying to sneak past those snipers....oh man just useless levels....I am now trying to pass the game with as little violence as possible....trying to get a few Silent Assassin ratings....btw have you had nay luck getting a Silent Assassin rating? if so what level? i want to get the silenced ballers and have not had much luck getting a perfect score...i think the invitation to the party is my best shot....i almost pulled it off but a gaurd got suspicious of me leaving the mansion dressed as a waiter carrying a breifcase so he followed me out and tried to shoot me....i didn't kill him but the alarm goes agaist your rating....

Getting SA on first mission is absolute cake. Walk up to the small door in the wall and hide on the right side of it. Almost immidiately a guard will come out to take a leak. DO him in. Take his clothes. Drag him behind the door. Now go to the right staying close to the wall. When you go past the guard staying on the stairs go through the door in the wall. Go left. Craw up the stairs onto the roof. Walk across the balcony. If you were going at good speed. By the time you get to the far door on the balcony your target will be standing facing avay from the door in that room. Walk in. Garotte. Take the key. Make your way back. Stop by the celar. Exit via same door as you entrance. Enjoy your silnced silver ballers.

pouble dost

sweet!!! wouldn't killing that one guard knock me out of SA? or just use the anesthetic?

i play hitman on the pc....never tried the console ones

have you had nay luck getting a Silent Assassin rating? if so what level?
I think the easiest one is where you have to kill the general meeting the mobster in the park. You can plant one bomb under the car directly from the sewer. The other one, you just ether the driver as he takes a leak, swap clothes, plant bomb, and then ditch. Total time is maybe 10 minutes.

The twin ballers are awesome. The bodies go flying backwards when hit rapid fire. thwip thwip thwip thwip

just got them from the first mission....and yes they are very good

Big Pun you are wrong. I have played both on the PC (I imagine not dissimilar from the xbox) and Hitman beats it hands down.

I never played SC again after i finished it (about 5 hours) but Hitman kept me coming back trying to find different ways of completing the objective.

Silver Ballers are good, but cheating a bit IMO. As I recall I got silent assassin on bout 4 levels on hardest difficulty but didn't use em because they made the game a bit easy.

no doubt....guns that powerful and silenced are almost cheating....but they are not so I will use them to maximam effect...besides they go through ammo so quick, your constantly reloading

OK just got back from the Video Game Store. I returned "Beyond Good and Evil" and "MGS2" and got "Hitman 2".

So far it looks a little like "Manhunt" so that is cool.

Should I play the game on "normal" or should I try it at a harder level the first time that I play?

The Japan levels are the classic level in every game that just sucks. But the rest are great. I got SA in about 4 missions too, the earlier ones are the easiest. I fondly recall filling the bathroom stalls with corpses in one missions and filling the Don's pool in another. Not being able to fill the empty stop in the weapons shed with the crucifix sucks though.

jman, I think the only difference is how often you can save the game.

Lots of great levels in Hitman. Killing the guy who was in for open heart surgury was pretty cool. Cut the power and then sneak into the operating room. Medical Malpractice at it's most profitable.

in that level I just dressed like the doctor and walked into the surgery room and took him out with the scalpel

You can kill as many guys as you want and still get the Silent Assassin rating, as long as you only take ONE shot with any type of firearm. More than one shot, you won't get the rating.