Hitman Contracts

This looks really good, although I'm a bit apprehensive about the new "noir" look (the meathouse pics look really creepy).

With this and Fight Night 2004, I'm looking to log quite a bit of time into my PS2.

I got it on reserve.

Just so long as its more of the same thing, they can't really go wrong.

looks great, is there any online play, i loved the 2nd one

when is the release date?

April 21st.

No online play I think. Can't see it really working with the Hitman game, unless it was co-operative.

My friend just told me you can drown people!

That's cool to hear. Hitman 2, I used to drug that mafia lord in his house, then drag his body to the pool. Leave him there for 5-10 minutes or so. When the drug wore off, he STILL managed to get up and walk around, even though he'd been underwater for a substantial amount of time. You'd think he'd be coughing up water at least.

April 21st.Lucky bastards. It's not out till the 30th here.

2 words: MEAT HOOK

someone post a review


gave a good score....said if you liked hitman 2 you will like this

Ok I just picked it up again today and am about 5 levels in. Here's my take so far:

The biggest difference is the mood. It is much darker are more gritty. It is 47 remembering past missions and exploits, so it has a different feel then if you were going through it live.

Not just the gameplay, but the game istelf is much more to the point. The weapons are now in wheel format and the menus have very small font that can be hard to read.

The difficulty is also harder, but in a different sense than usual. In Hitman 2, whenever your stealthy plans go foiled you could usually blast your way through and just take the sloppy rating. In Contracts it's much more unforgiving and thuse more realistic.

The missions are more advanced, with huge maps that will take 15-30 minutes for standard and 30-hour + for advanced stages if you are playing for good ratings. The new levels seem creative so far and I haven't encounter another dreaded Japan level yet.

Besides the very cut and dry menus and selection screens, my only real complaint coulld be that so far the plot isn't very solid. No spoilers, but each cut scene I've seen seems to just be the typical hardcore fluff thrown in for Tarantino style shock value. Hitman 2 had a worthwhile plot with twists and suprises. While this is a recollection of past adventures, having no real plot to follow could hurt it's ability to make gamers care about what they're doing.

But the action certainly will not dissapoint. Going with the idea of realism, they fixed the game physics so guys arent flying around like ragdolls anymore. The hit ditection is much better and actually alters their reaction based on the location of the shot and the type of weapon used. You'll be suprised to see a gut shot send a big gush of blood out and then have the guy moaning in pain on the ground until you finish him or he bleeds to death. Put a round through a thigh or hand and the target will fight to regain their composure and then return fire.

I regret that I have the feeling I have ran through the game too much too fast. The points of interest are there to help you out, but it can be very hard to figure out what you are actually supposed to do in order to get the perfect rating. With Hitman games I usually go through sloppy and then go back and take a few days per level and do it professionally.

Final word from me is that it's an awesome game that has it's own feel and improvements but definetly still fits in with the Hitman name. The perfect blend of sneeking and shooting.

Ok, I just beat the game today, a little over a day after buying it.

It only has 12 missions, but as I said they are huge and usually about 30 mins to an hour is you are playing tactfully.

The thing that people will hate about the game though is the plot. There basically is none since it's almost entirely a bunch of hazy flashbacks.

The gameplay is superb, and thats really what the game is about. That pretty much overrides the unfufilling plot.

Now I'm gonna go back and get all the guns and get better ratings.

Cool thanks for the review

Yeah, thanks for the review. I just saw it playing at the store and it looks great.

guys arent flying around like ragdolls anymore
Too bad, I loved that, especially with the silenced ballers.

how do you turn off the gay "haze" the game has....the game runs like crap with it on...but one room in the asylum didn't have it and it ran fine....anyone else notice this?

What system you playing it on man?

PC....there is that flashback type haze....but a few times in the levels there is a room where there is no haze.....it runs fine on 800 x 600 but I want to play it on 1024 x 768..

I absolutely molested this game is like 2 days. Going back and collected all the guns for my showroom now.