Hitman Fight Gear board shorts

Normally I like to keep my product reviews to other threads asking for them, but this was almost unbelievable so I thought I'd tell anyone in the market for some shorts.

Last night I was training in a pair of Hitman board shorts that I've had for probably a year and a half.  Not old, but nice and broken in.  Anyway, so I'm rolling with this guy and as usual I'm getting owned and somewhere along the line I wind up in an outside cradle and the guy goes for something resembling a scarf choke using my shorts.  So he's pulling and pulling, I use one hand to defend the choke and I too grab my shorts with the other, and then as he's pulling one way I'm extending my legs the other to try to get out and to my knees.  Playing tug of war with my shorts basically.  They stretched a bit because they're designed to, but then returned right back to shape when it was over.  No popping, certainly no ripping, not even losing shape, after playing tug of war with my shorts.

I couldn't believe it.  But I'm still probably going to by some tight fit shorts soon because I'll be damned if I'm gonna get choked with my own shorts lol

For some reason I would actually like to see a vid or pic of someone getting choked with there own shorts. Damn If i've ever heard of it

I'm a very skinny/flexible guy, so I wind up in a lot of positions people have never seen.  I'd never seen it before either.


Who were you rolling with?

Alan.  He has that gi mentality even without the gi, he tried choking me with my shorts, tried to choke me with his t-shirt, anything he can get ahold of.

ttt for impossibly flexible jiu-jitsu and impossibly durable shorts


hahaha Nice.

Alan was the one who ripped Matt's shorts. It wasn't cause he was grabbing them though. His foot got hung on em and when he kicked off they ripped.

Were it not for Alan coaching me when I was rolling with Leo I woulda got choked the fuck out twice.

yay for flex jitsu!