Hitman Havoc in Havsu Saturdurday

Welcome Fight Fans!

Come on out and support MMA in Arizona and have some fun in the sun. Xtreme Cage Fighter and Hitman Fight Gear are proud to bring to Arizona our third installment of Havoc in Havasu. Come see some of Arizona's top fighters Like Vince Lucero, Ray Elbe, Joe "Junk" Grant, Danny Wren, Stacy Hakes, Robert Maldanado, Ray Steinbess, Ritchie Hightower and more.
We are bringing in Josh Hinger fron Chris Brennan's Next Generation and Bijon Demmings from Texas. We have 4 tough local Fighters competing as well as the UG's own Duane "Crutchmaster" Stevenson in a grappling match with yours truly.

We have Celebrity fighters including "The Iceman" Chuck Liddell. UFC fighter Nick Diaz, The busiest fighter in the world Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch. Adam "Bam Bam" Lynn from Next Generation. And more...

We have Slamfest jamming live as well as beautifull Ring Girls, after party at the venue, food and drinks,
and lots of good fights.

Call 1-800-521-0360 for Tickets they are going fast.

The Sands Vacation Resort
2040 Mesquite Ave
Lake Havasu City

Xtreme Cage Fighter is proud to bring you "Evolution" coming to the Celebrity Theatre on May 28th.

Wanna' Fight?
Get you fighter stats to me at XCF@npgcable.com

TTT for chuck!!!

I don't know what happened there. I guess I studdududered. (In reference to the title of the thread) "Saturdurday"



TTT for MMA in Arizona!
Way to go!! Cant wait to see this event!
I must say Hightower is training with Rick Roufus
and the kid is a stud!

Best wishes for all of the fighter!

Shannon "The Cannon"

Chuck and Connie, see ya there Sat.

TTT. Can't wait til Saturday.

We are going on Local Radio tomorrow morning to do the live radio show from 8-10 am. This morning DJ is totally into "Ultimate Fighting". He wants us to bring mats and bust him up a bit. The guy is really popular with the young crowd and he is pretty damn funny. This will be fun becuse we won't have to go there with our gaurd up and defend the sport. We can just have fun and spread the word about our sport. he spent the last 2 hours today hyping the show and giving away tickets. This is hands down the best advertising to our core audience that we have ever had. And it is free.

I suggest you call and buy tickets if your coming up.
This event will sell out. 1-800-521-0360

Let the fun begin!!!

cool i cant wait to meet chuck. should be cool.

TTT for Chuck Liddell!

Supporting the sport. Get here early and stay late "The Iceman" will be in the house
chatting it up with the fans and the fighters.

Great fights, Hot chicks, Jammin' tunes, good food, cold beverages and the one and only "Iceman" Chuck Liddell.

Get your asses up here and enjoy MMA the way it should be, up close and personal.

TTT for the fighters and fans.

It is a great weekend for Az. MMA!

Hitman Dan has arrived and he brought hot Ring girls.
Chuck will be here tommorrow. Man this is exciting.
Should be a good time.

TTT for all the fighters and fans. This is not only a great weekend for AZ. MMA, but for MMA in the USA. Shows in Az. Iowa, Minn., Mass., Florida, Utah and probably more.

I saw Vince last night wearing his "I think Chuck Lidell is HOT!!" t-shirt. Man, this guy is really weird.


better than the chuck is hot condom you were wearing, and the supermodels you were trying to pick up on at kokomos

If you think that funky monkey girl dancing was a supermodel, you need some new goggles.

you were treating her like one.lol.ttt for darrel and ugly women.lol

I told you it was fun here.

KOKOMOS is the shit.

it was alot of fun..