"Hitman in Havasu" May 1st

Hitman Fight Gear along with Xtreme Cage Fighter promotions are proud to bring to you XCF IV "Hitman in Havasu".

Come join the fun as Arizona's top fighters compete in our caged Octagon.(as seen in the movie "No Rules") We will feature fighters from Az. Punishment, Team SRJ, Next Generation, Pounders Fight Center, Devil's Den, Az. Regulators, Team "Crutchmaster and more.

Come and join the fun in Party city USA. Hitman Fight gear will bring you a superheavyweight #1 contender bout featuring Vince Lucero vs Big John Ivey. We will also have at least 8 pro bouts and 4 Amature bouts. The Sands Vacation Resort is again hosting this event as well as the after party. Stay and hang with the fighters and get your picture taken inside the Octagon. We will feature Ray Elbe, Brandon Bull, Jason Ory, Danny Wren, Vince Lucero,Kade Swallows, Sidney Fisher, Johnathan Ivey, Bijon Demmings and more...

Call the Sands Resort at 1-800-521-0360 for ticket info.

If you want to be considered for this card or future cards please e mail me your fighter stats at XCF@npgcable.com

We are also working on a bout featuring Az. Top prospect Joe "UFC bound" Riggs

TTT for all the fighters



One of the best promotions out there.

Richard Simmons will be there to keep the Arizona fighters in check.

Richard Simmons is my hero. He brings excercise and fitness to those that need it most.

Plus, He is a very snappy dresser.

you have mail..

ttt for a great promotion and great people... hopefully we can get Riggs on the card, that would really spice things up.

And I have to go with Vince Lucero by KO over Ivey in the first round, but it should be an interesting fight.



i love you chuck and connie, enough said...


Take it from a guy who has fought for nearly every organization out there....yu arent going to find one better than XCF

that man would know if anybody, what up trav..

Fulton has fought in 67 promotions according to sherdog fight stats.

i heard richard simmons b!tch slapped some dude in the airport...lol...

Thanks for all the support. I just got home from the gym and I'm pooped. I will get back to everybody by phone and e mail tomorrow morning.

Travis - You are the man. I will let these guys fight it out to see who gets to take on the XCF superheavyweight Champ in one of our upcoming shows.

Vince - We love you too brother. Come on up next week and knock us around a bit. I will call you tomorrow.

Sven I will work on matching those guys up.

Ray - You make the show fun. Keep it up ;)

As for Russ Miura, I don't have anything lined up for him right now but I would love to See Russ take on the Phillipino delight Del Hawkins.

Tickets go on sale soon. Call the Sands resort to reserve tickets 1-800-521-0360

Cube - We love having you guys here. I hope we can hook something up for Joe. He is the Best Az has to offer.

Erica - please fight somewhere in the continental United States so I can finally see you fight.

Good night all.

TTT for the fighters


TTT for chuck class act promoter.Thanks bro for your support.


TTT 4 Chuck and Connie!

hey chuck, me and andy montana, will be there thursday, to roll around with you guys, see you then..

Whats the bad blood between Elbe and the Cannon?