Hitting a heavier bag????

Does this help as much as some guys say? If so, what are the benfits? Some people have said on here that a 300lbs bag holds no paticualar advantage over a 150lbs bag. Still, I hear Lennox Lewis and other HW boxers trained with big bags, I know I'm not a boxer but I am a heavy hitter and would like to improve as much as possiable.


Slap Master

Doubt all you want, I am knocking it all around and bad.

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I have owned 40, 60, 80 & 100 lb. Everlast bags.  My favorite is the 80 pounder.  The 100 lb. and beyond, increase the chance of injury, IMO if you used it all the time.  It would be good to work different bags.  This would also be a matter of personal preference.  

Doing a lot of bag work will definitely increase your power.  I would recommend keeping your punches chest level and below when you hit your bag.  It puts a lot of strain on your bursa if you keep practicing high punches.   

I think they're great. As people who've fought Samuel Peter or Bob Sapp can tell, hitting a huge motherfucker is quite the workout. More resistance pushing back or something. And it teaches you to stop hitting like a bitch. I grew up with a 60 lb. everlast that SUCKED in my room and used to hit it all the time w/o gloves or wraps so I learned that lesson early on.

Never hurt my hand either, except once when I punched a steel reinforced wall out of anger like a 13-year-old in a Blink 182 video. Boy was that stupid. The funny thing is the right hand was fine, it was the left hook I followed up with that fucked my hand up. I burst a tendon in my middle knuckle...LMFAO.

Let that be a lesson: stay away from crazy women and their crazy, overbearing mothers who blame you for all of their problems. And I've heard all the arguments from people to use wraps, big gloves, blah blah. Irony has hurt me really badly every time I went against pro advice like that EXCEPT FOR THIS INSTANT. I've never hurt my hand training. Ever. And its because I learned to punch like a MAN, DAMMIT.

The way it was explained to me, the bursa acts like a lubricating pad in your shoulder joint.  If the bursa gets worn away, like mine did, you get chronic shoulder pain.  I also had a car accident and landed on my shoulder.  My Dr. said it was the last straw that broke the camel's back.  I would keep the head punches at chest level, when you train the heavy bag.  Air punches or focus gloves should be fine.

BTW, if you have bursitis, Glucosamine Sulfate works like a miracle.

I also have a 100lb bag which is great for practicing body shots and thai kicks. Good conditioning for the shins.

86 has a heavy bag because it doent hit back.

a heavier bag reacts more like a person when you hit it..people don't swing away from you.

good info.

SlapMaster "I know I'm not a boxer but I am a heavy hitter"

Sure you are....does that include patting yourself on the back?

SupraBoy77 "it holds no advantage over a lighter bag unless your knocking the lighter bag all over the place, which in this case i highly doubt."

SlapMaster " Doubt all you want, I am knocking it all around AND BAD!"

No doubt, I'm sure you are a very bad teenager, with your heavy hitting and all...I'm sure you are the toughest guy in your Remedial Earth Science class...

i was always told that if your hitting a bag with good powe the bag will bend not sway back and forth. any truth to this?


The only reason you'd need a heavier bag is if the lighter one was moving too much..

Too much = Enough to throw your training off.

I like the 60lber..A little bit light, but great nonetheless.

Look guys I hit like a mule that is fact. Nothing else I can say except I hit really, really hard and I'm a grown man.

It is always good to train with all size bags
for power and speed. Most important is to hit
the bag on center with index and middle knuckle.
Elbows and knees are also good drills.