Hitting a tire with a hammer?

Just curious, I've seen this in a few fighter's training footage (fedor comes to mind) specifically, hitting a large rubber tire on the ground with a sledgehammer. Is this to develope explosive strength? I can kind of see the similarities in this movement and throwing power punches while in the guard of an opponent (again, fedor comes to mind, especially in his fight with Nog) Thanks in advance for answers.

Its not supposed to be sport specific. Much like a power clean isnt specific to any one sport. But both build alot of explosiveness in the hip girdle/lower back and leg area. Areas that STRONGLY affect your horsepower in any contact sports. Hammer is also good for the shoulders and abdominal wall.

Oscar de la Hoya uses this technique & so did Ernie Shavers...one of the most devastating punchers in Boxing history.

Apparently it all about getting accustomed to the correct weight transferance in the core of your body. Correct technique of weight transferance when punching equals better power.

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Good stuff brad...

it works... and it sucks.

add it to a circut routine and it fits in with all the other things that I hate doing.

-endurance squats

-hang cleans

-medicine ball push-ups (perhaps my least favorite)





I hate them all........

what about a regular hammer and a spare tire from a honda civic

My instructor encourages us to do this, but nobody ever does. I always was curious what it would develop. I like Erik's suggestion, that sounds fun to me too ;)

I suggest using Erik's technique rather than trees.

At least trees give us oxygen, where as Hobos are oxygen thieves!!!

hammer hitting tire = strengthing trunk strength... the end.

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tack hammer and a bicycle tire?


The New No Limits Gym often has workouts that include "Tha Tire"...


yeah, I mean, I REALLY see it in fedor's striking in his fight against Nog ( I can't think if it was the 1st or 3rd fight right now) but when he was in Nog's guard right in front of a ring post, and connected 2 or 3 shots that seemed like they would have KO'd just about anybody else. Looked to me like he was able to get such an insane amount of power from a position with not a whole lot of leverage. Just wondering if maybe this exercise is a part of it.

i hurt myself chopping ice in that fashion, wont do it again.

I hit a large roll of rubber in my basement with a big wooden mallet once and it bounced hard, I lost my grip and the mallet hit me in the teeth.

Later that workout I did the thing where you throw a medicine ball over your head at a wall with both hands. The ball bounced of the wall and him me square in the nose, lots of blood.

I ran upstairs laughing uncontrollably while blood spewed out from my nose. My roommates (good, normal people who are not obsessed with fighting) thought I was crazy.

lol, that's one of the first things I thought of when I though about doing it, like, what would stop the hammer from bouncing back and putting a hole in my skull? What an undignified yet hilarious way to die...

I do this and really like it as an exercise

I would like to fight ElGringo in my debut MMA match. LOL

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