Hitting all irons the same distanc

The past 2 weeks I seem to hit all my irons the same distance. Well 4,5,6,7,8 all around 150 yds..haha

What the hell is going on? Hitting the longer irons thin and the higher irons fat.

My swing needs a hug!


you might be coming over the top.  make sure you feel your shoulders start the downswing from the top and not your hands.

go to leftbetter.googlepages.com and look under the video library.

Thanks for the tip Animal Chin. I have a tourny this coming weekend. I hope to be making love to the range all week after work. Gotta get this fixed or my buddies will kill me come Saturday.


start your swing with your lower body, not your arms!

Thanks for the tips guys, I seemed to be hitting the ball better Tuesday and Wed night. Not really sure what I am doing differently. I am concentrating more on the ball instead of the normal tits and ass that run through my head.