Hitting on chicks at the gym

Tell them that you like their pecs and you bet they could bench a lot lol


she’s undoubtedly one of my favorites! Lucky guy

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And strip joints


“And hollywood film production”- Harvey


Op sounds like douchebag, what you are for in the gym firstly?

Criterion. Maybe hit on chicks at the library?

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go to Planet Fitness and buy her a slice of free pizza. Op don’t give AF, you want to pick up girls at the gym, start with the fat girls. Tell them how much you admire there work ethic. offer to spot them on the squat rack

he said “best chance”, not “only chance”. just so you know…

Doesn’t really matter where you’re at, if you catch a woman looking at you more than once and make eye contact you have a green light to start talking to her. However, the little scenarios you gave in OP about being funny or tragic and the others make me think you should probably just pay for pussy.

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Daddy, just be friendly and slowly move in on like 6 of them separately. Soon enough you’ll know which ones may be interested or DTF as the kids say

If you really want to push the envelope, “accidentally” let her see a feces fetish pick as well.

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Solid library ice breaker- "Hey, maybe you can help me, I’m looking for a Gorgeous Girl. “I’m sorry?” It’s a book - A Gorgeous Girl by Mary K. Pershall, have you seen it around, it’s not on the shelf.

OG version- “hey maybe you can help me. I’m looking for a Damn Girl that sucks.” “WTF?” “You know the book - “Damn Girl, That Sucks” by Mary Kate Kopec”


I’ve never had the balls to make the first move on a girl at a regular gym. Too many guys I’ve seen shoot and miss badly with many onlookers noticing. I’ve had girls break the ice with me a dozen or so times though. Most those times it happened I had forgotten my headphones or had them off. So that may be a key.

Well then I disagree with that too. Your best chance woukd to be a very handsome multi millionaire. Not some lousy bar owner.

So I guess he was wrong in even more ways than I thought huh?

Older women over 40 def like getting attn at the gym from younger, fit guys

Trust me

Holy crap, I never realized you were a lady. Maybe make it clearer in your SN.

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Think i found a video with the OP in it

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Not now Chief I’m in the zone.

Jaeguh Bombs!

Steroids . I eat that ahit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


I still use not now chief I’m in the zone

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