Hitting the long ball?

I'm going to start playing softball next year and I want to start hitting the ball over the fence when I have played in the past I have only had warning track power. What is the best way of increasing my power so I can get it over the fence? I want to stay away from the Bonds route.

okay since getting stronger is out of the question here are a few tips

triple walled bats

heavier bat with a smaller handle

do a coil swing, ive tried this and started hitting deep balls, the only thing is you swing and miss a lot more, but in softball that shouldnt happen.

Do you have a vid or can you break this down?

vid watch - soriano on mlb.com - go to his biography and watch his homers.

I stand at the plate with my left foot (im a righty) closer to the plate than my right foot.

as for the hands and arms, I hold the bat above my right shoulder.

for the swing - have your back almost facing the pitcher and "coil" through on your swing. I also move my forearms ,as in snapping my wrist. top hand towards the pitcher, bottom hand towards the catcher.

hope this makes sense, also you will need to practice, but if you connect you should see results right away.

I recommend just try to make contact at first then start swinging harder and try to extend your arms