HK416/417 Build Club

Yup, also gray market dudes. Also me LOL. I can’t stop myself from picking up the more rare parts when they pop up. I was driving when I got the bolt carrier alert from Brownells…or I would have picked up one of those.

If you get a chance to pick up an extra op rod I will pay you for it

On it good sir. Gas pistons here now if you need any

Gas pistons are still in stock, wow. That’s a first in 9 months. Also HK Haus listed them today, so he’s definitely buying up those rare parts also.

I’m pretty much set besides the op rod I need for my pdw upper

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Have you tried backordering at H&K CS yet? Something interesting is that they sometimes they tell you where the last shipment went or where the next shipment is going.

No I’ve never contacted them before

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16.5" MR556 light profile barrel

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Nice HEADS UP from HKPro

HK USP Expert 9mm 15rd w/ out Jet Funnel $1,500

Took 7 months to find these

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Picked up one of these to complete the A5 upper that I’m sending out to Nefarious. Still considering assembling the A3 upper myself, but I prefer the idea of having Marvin’s stamp of approval.

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That’s sexy

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Yes they are. This new forum looks like mud names can post pictures

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Thats Hot GIF by Paris Hilton

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Need a piston rod assembly and a few misc parts to complete this build. Got damn, how to post gun pornography pics in this thread? Im old/stupid…

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#1 RKS USA has op-rods in stock, but it’s RKS, and they are charging $160. I suggest checking with HK customer service tomorrow morning first, in case you can get one much cheaper.

#2 What’re the other parts ya need?

#3 And click the image icon on the bar across the top of the post box.

#4 Actually thought you were a youngster – I don’t mean unwise, but I mean in spirit.

#4, im almost 44, but can hang with most youngsters…. How do i post easy pics? Im always down to shoot, from. 7-1000 yards.