HL vid of guys from my gym


Little highlight of 4 of the guys at our gym competing at a no-gi contest 2 weeks ago, the little guy has been doing it a year now the rest under a year but i think they looked very good.

Feedback appreciated, Neways dont miss the last minute its pretty funny.




Whats SBG got to do with the Shoulder of Justice?

I know guys that have been using the term for years.

LOL@ jagg when i showed them that at the team BBQ, everybody goes "its spelt the other way dimwit..." however i was one step ahead (having made this mistake MANY times before :) and convinced them it was different to english, its how the brazilians spell it :)

Not under SBG but am very close with them, those guys are the shit and i'll love to be part of it!

Opash, i know the technique has been used for decades, but has the phrase? I think its a joke neways, kinda tacky name but the guys at my gym like it lol. Be curious to know where it comes from.

ttt 4 my boyz



they are beguinner, arent'they?

3 have trained for 6 months
the other one has trained for a year.

Notice "vision in your eyes" from no retreat no surrender.

nice one mate..

ttt thanks guys they are good learners


Ok I keep hearing about the shoulder of justice and I'm thinking its driving your shoulder into your opponents face to set things up correct?

Can anyone describe the S.O.J. to me?


Just what you said

OK thats what I thought. However everyone kept talking about it so I thought there was a lot more to it LOL :)

lol nuh its just shoulder pressure