HLN Patty Hearst documentary can suck me dry!

I had an hour long drive into town today chill our on my own at a restaurant with a beer and a meal, while sitting in a corner table to work on my project (on the laptop). Once I started driving I was scanning stations on Serius satellite radio when I stopped at HLN where the Patty Hearst documentary was playing. Okay, well this is interesting enough to pass the drive with.

These programs are almost always an hour long, it was 3:15 when I got started, and this would work perfectly with my arrival in town. It went past the hour at a climactic part of the story so I figure I will just keep driving around and hear it out. Went past the next half hour, held me in there........but I figured it can't possibly go for longer than 2 hours. I listened past the next half hour and was pissed off that this thing was running 3 fucking hours long, but I had already invested to much of my time in this, so I was waiting to hear how it ended.

At the 3 hour mark, I'm parked outside the restaurant waiting to go inside, listening to the final minutes of the documentary when it just cuts out and goes directly into a new program. Are you kidding me?

I get inside and google this shit, learning it's a weekly series running on Sunday night's through February. Go fuck yourselves HLN, and Patty Hearst, I hope you die!


toelocku - In

Ya, sorry buddy........there's nothing really to be 'in' for, other than my venting session. Who the fuck drives around in circles for over an hour and a half to hear the end of a radio program that just keeps going, and going, and fucking going.........only to have it not end in the end. 

With that said, the program was clearly captivating enough to keep me driving, so if you want to check it out it may be available online. I was really enjoying it. We all know the story of Patty Hearst, but this was a very telling version with lots of input from some of the people connected to the ordeal, as well as some archived audio of her communicates with her parents while being held captive.

Fascinating stuff, no question about that.