HnS Absolute - 1997 Flashback *VID

Here's a good fight from the HOOKnSHOOT Absolute (back when they had it in a gym in Evansville). This fight is between Dave Barney and Lance Trammel. Dave is a good guy, really funny. But he was in way over his head against the powerful punching of Trammell.

Check this out!!

Trammell VS Barney (5MB)


He had three chances for it to be stopped. You can hear Jeff Osborne say STOP STOP but Dave says "What For??" and so they let it continue.

I didn't really understand why he said to stop it as the guy is locking up an armbar from under side...? Anyways...that's a hard puncher

He just didn't want him to get hurt anymore. The first punch sounded like his face exploded. It was in a small Martial Arts school with less than 100 people there (Bam Bam gym). Every single one of us could feel those punches LOL

Anymore of those vids?

I remember that. I felt bad for Barney. That was quite a beating.


I am surprised that Lance didnt fight more. At the time he appeared to be very well rounded.

Anyone know what ever happened to him?


Jeebus Christ that was a beating!

not fun though...

It's cool watching those old HnS vids. It's kinda like watching an organized Kimbo fight.

I was there....and I was scared.

I have a HnS question: I have an old tape from the
same era, that has a slap-fight between Todd Broadway
and some old guy who gets completey beat down. The old
guy seems to have no skills at all and makes these
grunting noises whenever Broadway hits him. It is one
of the weirdest but funniest fights I have ever seen.
Does anyone know the story behind it?

No, but I sometimes wonder why Lance didnt stick in the game. Anyone know why not?

Holy crap, that was brutal. Definitely some zip in those punches.

mcquaid: I think that was against Tom Burton wasn't it? Todd Broadway was pretty good back then. Did he stop fighting? I think he beat Johnathan Ivey with some hard palm strikes in that same show.

It was funny because you did hear a lot of noises made during the fights back then that you don't hear now - like UGGGH and OOWWWW. The sport was still pretty new and I don't think some people knew what it felt like to be hit by someone who was really trying to hurt you. I remember Dave Menne fighting and when he hit the guy the first time the guy yelled OOOWWWW real loud. I felt sorry for him.

I don't know what happened to Lance Trammell. The guy had skills and certainly the desire to hurt someone. I never heard about him after that show.

It was sad with Dave Barney. He came back from the dressing room to watch the rest of the show and was beat up really bad. He tried to stay in good spirits though. The problem was that he sat down in the first row, and I was in the second row right behind him. I had to tap him on the shoulder and say "Hey Dave, you got a towel or something, cause the back of your head is dripping blood on my shoes!"

Todd's a black belt under Marcio Simas now in Olando Florida. Hes a bad ass that went undefeated in MMA and has won a ton of jiujitsu tourneys. He trains too much and too hard not tovget his butt back in the ring :)

Scott Bessac??

Infamous Combat List and member Mike F. was cornering Dave Barney.