Hockey player throws Superman punch during on-ice fight


That whole game was on fire. Very entertaining

Not bad form at all.Especially with skates on.

Gonna TTT this one.

What exactly are the rules of a hockey fight?

I feel like the front kick to the knee would be devastating.

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Yeah that would get you suspended. The rules aren’t that clear, I think. If they think it’s excessive they will suspend and fine you and

Damn, dude in white got tuned up. The uppercut toward the end was vicious.

Foligno was thinking about a jump knee after the Superman punch right before the exchange started.

Kevin Bieksa fucks dudes up on skates with that move


That’d get you kicked out of every hockey league. Hell they got mad at a dude who used a Judo throw lol

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Nice. I think that uppercut he landed stunned him, the linesmen broke it up soon after.

I miss 90s heavyweight fights. These modern fights are like weak sparring sessions comparatively.

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Beat me to it. He’s the OG of the on ice Superman punch