Hoffman pulled out of KOTC???

HOffman pulled out of his KOTC fight with John Dixon, but then went and fought the same night in Jungle Fight?

Is that correct or do I have some facts screwed up?

Do they not have contracts or what?

he knew what the big man was bringingto the table,,figured he was better off in the jungle

He probably heard that KOTC owes me a Horn/Lister PPV and thought they might try and rip him off too.

I know when I fought in KOTC they did not give me a contract until I was at the weigh ins so he may not have signed a contract.

Heh,pulled out of one fight so he could be in another,and gets submitted in the first round.

dougie, quit hijacking everyones thread with your petty KOTC complaints.

YEah I thoughtt hat was funny that he got subbed over in Brazil. Who woulda thunk?

Dear KBeezy,


Your new bestest friend,


Honestly, I think he knew the risk John would be to fight....
And the only difference between losing in Ohio or losing in brazil is a plane ticket :)

who is calling for his head lankford?

I wasnt sure the situation, so I asked a question. Got an answer and a few people hinted that Hoffman thought he had a better shot in Brazil, but nothing viscious.

you need not be so quick to take the high horse here buddy, because there doesn't seem to be an issue.

TTT For lankford and KBreezy in a keyboard match next KOTC

I'll buy Lankford/KBeezy, but I better get it this time!

how much do these keyboard matches pay?

Ill lose that one honestly, but Ill win the one in the cage:)

ah, I must have overlooked that one.

my apologies.

Kimbo vs. Bobby Hoffman.

KOTC,make it happen!

"I would like to see three Chicago Police Officers with billy clubs vs. Bobby."

I LOL'd at this because when Bobby was arrested before in California I told one of my buddies in Centerville about 5 cops putting Bobby in a police car and his comment was - "Now I know your lying. No 5 cops could put Hoffman in a police car if he didn't want to go."