Hogan shoots on wanting to turn heel at Wrestlemania 6

That was interesting and I enjoyed listening to it, but I have to say I’m not sure Hogan can “shoot” on anything at this point. People talk shit about Hogan, but the guy is the prototypical kayfabe living carny pro wrestler. He will tell any story that makes money, even if it is relatively easily refuted. He always has a gimmick and an angle.


Ive come to realize vince mcmahon is a mark for what hulk hogan represented. He was adamant that hogan cant turn heel because kids need a hogan. I think thats a big part of why cena never turned heel either. Cena lived the hogan priniciples…hogan was just a gimmick

Speak for yourself asshole @TheBearStare

J/K pal!

Love Hogan. He gets too much heat. Don’t think he is bad human and agree some people missed out on money to spite him. Going to watch the entire shoot

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Lolol i was legit confused what i said wrong at first. Sorry mr. Mcmahon.

I think hogan worked his brain into a shoot. I legit dont think he knows the difference between reality and fantasy half the time for quite some time now

He calls Jesse a liar about shit that is on record under oath that Vince admitted to. I like me some Hulkster but terry bollea is a piece of crap.

A few years ago he told in an interview that Lars Ullrich offered him to join Metallica as a Bass Player.
Ullrich said Bullshit.
Hogan than completly backrolled and said he was misquoted and misunderstood.
I think he just says whatever brings him publicity. No matter how outragious it is.


I think the hulkster is just a bullshitter. I dont think he means any harm by it, but he says a lot of stuff that is pretty easily refuted.

He probably says all this stuff and then laughs about it with his buddies. I think hes just working everyone at this point lol.

At least hes not a bitch like Shawn :joy: