Hogan teases NWO reunion

Hulk Hogan ? @HulkHogan
Crew of tough guys brother HollywoodHH4Life
? @HulkHogan
Totally freaked out how good and in shape Big Kev,Scott"amazing",XPac are in, with Hollywood we could rule the world again or take on any
1:12 PM - 9 Nov 2013

Scott Hall looks like he's 25yrs old again and ready to give somebody the Razors Edge,it made my night to see him looking so great. HH Phone Post

Scott does look 25 again (pic from 2 days ago)

DDP is a wizard Phone Post 3.0

Hey yo Phone Post


Bloodstane Lane as an additional member

RyannVonDoom -


Bloodstane Lane as an additional member

LMFAO!!!!!!!' Phone Post 3.0


Lol YES!!!!! Phone Post 3.0