Hogan vs Inoki video

Part I:

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Part IV:

This match is off the hook. Hogan was never a bad worker. He actually knows how to work a "catch" style match. He matches Inoki hold for hold, move for move in this one. Inoki really knows his catch moves. This is an era long before the UFC. Inoki displays quite a few effective submission holds. I believe this is around 83? Wrestling in Japan is awesome at this era, or maybe to even this day. I believe kayfabe was never broken back than. Every kick buckles the knee just like it should in real life. Every suplex is a powerful move and hurts like hell. Lots of psychology. A story being told well by these two. And the fans are friggin awesome. They might think it was real. There is no campy, cartoony stuff in here. 5 stars from me.