Holding auditions for new internet best friends

As the longtime undisputed and undefeated Call of Duty clan leader, I was the glue that held the clan together through high K/D's and low K/D's. I was the one they counted on when we were pinned down and we needed to mount an offensive maneuver to free the squad. I jumped on the grenades and helped my chubby Canadian squad mates find hiding spots so they could catch their breath and eat their snacks. I kept the teenaged opponents from picking on our Australian member for talking like a gay. I protected our weak and feeble members in Texas from 12 yr olds that called them fat and poked fun at the other stuff that was true about them. And today, I was ousted from my role as beloved dear leader.

So today i embark on a new journey to aquire a new family to run amok in Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3)

Inquire in here for monthly membership rates and so I can get your Tshirt size for our team uniform.

Holy shit, that's the fattest soldier I've ever seen. Is he from Florida or Texas? Phone Post 3.0

Texas City, Florida actually.

I think DaveFu has this covered. Phone Post 3.0

khaleesi - I think DaveFu has this covered. Phone Post 3.0

His code name is eclipse because he caused one one time when he stood in front of the sun.

-FC- - Your new name is "imverysensitive" Phone Post 3.0
Oh I forgot u owed me a new one. Is that really it? Phone Post 3.0

All joking aside, that kid is legit Seal team 6.  Rumored to have been the one who took down Bin Laden and ate the downed helicopter to destroy it.

LOL Phone Post 3.0

If you need an arch enemy...
I'm your huckleberry ... Phone Post 3.0

That fat fuck pisses me off. I cant in good conscience give all the former marines on here shit if they can use that fatty mcfattems as a trump card.

I gave you my copy of The Last of Us -- that's got to be worth something, right?

Fighting - 

lol did I read ps3?  nigga, you poor! 

I'm not poor. My former homies were poor so I didnt buy a PS4 so I could continue to lead them.

itswhitty - I gave you my copy of The Last of Us -- that's got to be worth something, right?

You did and the game was AWESOME! Can you PM me your address again?

No, I dont play gay games

Lol. Nader has left us. I may just retire from ps3 now. Phone Post 3.0

I still play MW3.  I can't get into Ghosts.  I own it, but I think it sucks.

If you're willing to embark on a journey of black ops 1 with me then we can be besties for at least 2-3 weeks until we get bored.

I will also settle for MW2, MW3, and even that pile of turd BLOPS 2.

I play MW3 a few times a week.

Kingfanpaul on ps3 Phone Post 3.0