HOLE: "Malibu" is a REALLY Good Song

I was watching Billy Corgan on Stern, he said Love said “People think Kurt wrote my last album, they’ll say you wrote this one”.

I believe she wrote this one, i would bet her guitar player came up with the riff, cuz she really does suck at guitar playing


This dude had a great quote in the comments:

As a kid i was distracted by all the hard nips in this video, im sure i tossed off to this.

Hole live without backing tracks.

Is that real? It almost feels like it’s someone overlaying bad guitar overtop of it. I believe the vocals, and I believe the guitar (though it’d sound different live with distortion and effects), but if you told me it was fake, I’d also believe it


Legit lol

Most live performances from bands are little more than pantomime these days. This is a extreme example of how much can be covered up by a good audio engineer but pretty much every large act will play/sing live to a click but theres almost always a backing track overlayed to fill in/cover up so they can focus on stage performance.

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