Holiday Games Review

I got an assload of games fir Christmas. These are my opinions SO FAR on what I have played:

DBZ Budokai 2. Like a swine, I beat it the first day and completed it the second. This one covers all the way to the end of DBZ whereas the first stopped after Cell. The absolute best feature is the switch from polygon graphics to cartoon. I have criticized Zelda for this, but with DBZ it looks like you are controlling an episode of the cartoon. The biggest change is the story mode. Instead of simply playing out the episodes, each episode is played out on a map like a board game where you move spaces. This allows you to seach and pick up items and such. The bad part is that you wind up fighting the same guys 3 or 4 times to beat them which gets irritating after a while. The duel mode and the skills you get are maxed out and theres more characters than ever. I'd recommend to anyone who liked the first.

Legacy Of Kain Defiance: Get to play as both Kain and Raziel in this one. Really smooth gameplay, sharp graphics. Lighting is sometimes a problem. I'm currently stuck about 4 levels in but so far it's been a great ride with an interesting plot. Only thing I miss is the ability to impale guys. You start with the reavers so you use those instead. Recommend for fans of the previous games.

T3 Rise of the Machines: Had high hopes for this. I think this is about as good a Terminator game as we will see, which isn't saying much. Something just seems to be missing when they make these games. It's not garbage, but it is nothing special as a 1st person shooter which is how you spend most of the beginning of the game. Horrible lighting. Now I know it's a dark future and all but get this: In order to see to move around you need to switch to the infrared terminator vision. Doing this allows you to lock on to targets nut somehow you lose your radar. You wind up moving around and constantly switching between the two, to see where you going and then to see where you are going to. Way too much emphasis is on the future shit. I want to do the stuff in the movie(thankfully I just got to the veternarian's office) not go through 6 levels of skynet completely high tech objectives that in irrelevant in the long run. I think the second half of the game will be better, but I'd only recommend this to someone who LOVED the movie like I did.

I finally got the port of half life for the PS2. I had heard guys rave about it on PC for years. Even with the time difference I don't see what all the commotion was about? So far it's been fairly predictable with the aliens and standard FPS behavior.

I'm hoping to add to this once I get into

Max Payne 2
Conflict Desert Storm 2
Spawn Armageddon
MOH Rising Sun
Castlevania LOI
Tony Hawk Underground

Yes there is nothing special about Half Life now. But it did come out about 4 years ago lol.

Its still better than Halo.

"I finally got the port of half life for the PS2. I had heard guys rave about it on PC for years. Even with the time difference I don't see what all the commotion was about? So far it's been fairly predictable with the aliens and standard FPS behavior."

That's gotta be the dumbest comment I have ever heard... congrats

"Its still better than Halo."

Halo probably wouldn't be the Halo we know without Half-Life

"In Half-Life, weapons and ammo are taken from dead soldiers or other logical places, like a weapons locker. Armor isn't lying around in the form of glowing icons or leather helmets--instead, you're wearing a battery-powered hazard suit, but since it's a fairly standard bit of equipment in this secret base, power outlets are conveniently scattered throughout the complex."

That sounds pretty cool, and some other stuff sounded pretty cool, but I don't play pc games so I figured that I should just stop reading before I became envious. lol

******** Wait, there's more. How many times have you cleaned out one filthy, gory techno-dungeon, only to find yourself at a door that obviously leads to yet another, even filthier, techno-dungeon? How realistic is it to have obvious entrances and exits to levels--and what is a "level" anyway? An archaic holdover from Dungeons & Dragons? A convenient way of breaking up the game world so it can be loaded into memory?

Half-Life does away with the arbitrary concept of levels. Instead the world feels like a continuous whole, with small pauses and loads when you move from one area to another. This does create some problems when monsters are placed too close to the transition between mini-levels and you inadvertently strafe from one area to the other, accidentally triggering a load screen. But this problem aside, Half-Life's mini-levels create a more flowing and realistic game world, and so a more immersive one.

And freed from the stereotypical notion of levels, the designers were free to experiment with a wide variety of environments, logically linked and fun to explore. Every room isn't another corridor or another slime-filled dungeon. There are labs and warehouses, monorail stations and gun bunkers, missile silos and parking garages. The bulk of the action takes place in a deep underground military base called the Black Mesa Facility, but it is not confined there. You'll scale a canyon cliff and scamper through a military base. You'll ride weird monorails and climb through pipes full of waste. Virtually every location in Half-Life is interesting and unique.

This variety makes you want to keep playing Half-Life all the way through. How many times have you gotten half way through another game, only to say to yourself, "Eh, I've probably seen it all. If I keep playing, there will only be more monsters, with more guns, more hit points and more grubby levels." This is decidedly not the case with Half-Life. ********

by the way... you can disregard the multiplayer comments in the review. Half-Life and its mods became and to some extent still are the most popular online action game ever.

I guess I was spoiled by other FPS. I tried to look past that and at half life itself and while it still stands against most others I've played, the actual game play itself doesn't seem so spectacular to me.

LOK Defiance is kicking even more ass and keeps getting better. They really improved the combat and powers in this one. Terminator however is getting worse. Whoever designed the future levels needs to be fired and forced to take a basic college computer graphics course. How are you supposed to play when it's pitch black!?