Holiday meals

Last night at my aunt and uncles they had quite a spread.

Kielbasa, briquette, guwummkis(gross Polish food), mashed, and corn.

Today I am at my mom and dads after some great gifts (including a case of bud, a toaster, some nerd, and mike n ikes). Oh and a McDonald's gift card!!

For dinner mom is making Lasagna and Garlic Bread!

For Xmas Eve I made Veal Marsala.

Sauteed mushrooms and shallots in butter... last minute added a couple good sized cloves of garlic and a couple tsps of chopped fresh parsley... set aside.

Dredged veal cutlets in flour... dip in egg wash and dredge in italian bread crums (that I had added thme, oregano, salt and pepper). Saute in butter and olive oil.... set aside.

Reduce some marsala... add veal demi glace... add mushroom mixture... season to taste.

Serve sauce and veal over egg noodles.

I slow grilled a brisket for 6 hours. I also made King crab legs. For sides we had green bean casserole and mashed potatos. I also made ham rolls and shrimp nachos for appetizers.

For breakfast I made eggs benedict and sausage. My fridge is full of holiday left-overs.

 stickerking, I am polish, but hate polish food

 haha my dad gave me a case of Bud yesterday

No creme freche... but did deglaze with the marsala wine.

stickerking - good job kevin, also i have precum in my undies right now, thanks

Make sure to keep me posted.