Holiday shopping Revolt!

Ok, After buying shit for everyone I know, I decided to revolt and buy stuff that I want!
Here's what I purchased today:

SBG functional JKD 2 series

Roy Harris BJJ 102

Rey Diego's DVD series

Michael Jen Ultimate guard 1 and dynamic BJJ

Rodney King sparring 101

I wanted to get clinchin 2 but seems they only take paypal??

Also on my list is Kestings guard sweeps DVD but he doesn't take mastercard at the moment. I'll have to borrow a visa from someone I guess.

I think I spent $500 to $600 already. Feels great :)

I just knew I shouldn't have drank last night!!!!

WOW! That is a level of impulse buying that surpasses even me, and I
am pretty good at it:)

You deserve it. Enjoy.