Holiday Smokes

I've had the good fortune to get some good smokes I've never had before this holiday season and I'd thought I'd share with fellow MMA loving cigar smokers...

On Christmas eve I had a Monte Cristo No 2, last night I had Padron 85 year anniversary Family Reserve(got a 5 pack for Christmas!), and tonight for New Years eve I'll be enjoying a Cohiba Behike

That is

Hope you guys have a Happy New Year....cheers!

 Excellent selections. All are excellent. Especially if you have the patience to age 12-18 months. Lately, il Don has been going with the Partagas serie p, Padron 46(slang), illusione maduro, and Fuente god of fires. all excellent. Anyone had the Fuente extra viejo this year. A capo got a box, but hasn't lit any yet. Last years' EVs, Opuses and maduro hemingways were weak and disappointing.